Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Totally worth it

My friend Melissa said these little carts are so 2004 in China (or maybe 2006). But I can tell this may be the best 45$ I've spent in a while, even if we are behind the times.

Abe has been obsessed with all things with wheels lately (trying to ride bigger kids scooters and bikes on the playground-with lots of goose eggs on his head to prove it), but good options seemed limited for his size.

He could totally move around on this from the second we put it together...and it can hold up to 200lbs, so I think we can plan on using it for a while. He is happy as a clam on it, and didn't want to come in even when it started raining.


Chiara said...

We've got one of those for all of our kids...and they ARE the best! So fun for all ages! Go Mr. Abe!

Barbosas said...

Victor got one of that when he was 1, I think and he still has it. He loves it and we all do! You payed a good price, I still remember those painful $75 bucks we payed for that. Victor was a speeder and never enjoyed to go slow with his feet up, what resulted in some wholes on lot's of shoes... so prepare yourself in case Abe is that kind of boy too!! xoxo