Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trip to Utah

Practicing walking with Papa's walker.

Cole and Abe at raging waters.

Kari gave Abe his first sucker - and he really enjoyed it while his nana held him at the parade. You may think that he is trying to share it with you - but don't be fooled. He had no intention of sharing it.

He fell in love with the trampoline. We use chip clips to keep the screen around it closed so he could play by himself.
Reunited with his dad

The kids all made tie dyes.

Raging waters was actually a lot of fun. (tube picture above also from raging waters)

We made sure to make several trips to Costco while in Utah.
Dylan crawled around and yelled and growled just like abe. Abe thought he was hilarious!

As I mentioned in the last post, we were in Utah for Abe's birthday, but we stayed for 2 weeks (mostly at my sister Kari's house) including the 4th of July. Here is a random assortment of pics from the trip, mostly from Kari's camera since I forgot my charger and the battery died at Abe's b-day party the first weekend. My parents and my sister Kecia and her family all came out too, and we had a lot of fun hanging out with family and friends.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Our monster is one!

So our little (big) guy turned one. It has been a few weeks, but we were out of town for the big day and we just had his 1 year appointment today. So the stats are in...

25lbs 12oz = 75% (and he has the thighs to prove it)

This guy has been cracking me up so much lately, and life would be so dull without him. Some current notables are...

-he still shows enthusiasm with his arms (a jumping rope kind of arm movement)
-above enthusiasm exhibited every morning when his banana is presented
-he can down a stick of string cheese in 10 sec
-he leans into my face so that I will kiss his cheek
-he smacks his lips when he sees something he would like in his mouth
-he shakes his head "no" with a huge grin on his face (even when he doesn't really mean "no")
-he is taking his crawling very seriously now and doesn't have time to try and walk or stand when I try to encourage it anymore, but (on his own time) he reassures me by letting go of the couch or my leg and stands for 5-10 secs just to let me know he can do it.
-currently his favorite pasttimes are pulling books off the bookshelf and opening and closing anything (doors, books, cupboards, dishwasher, etc)