Friday, July 16, 2010

Our monster is one!

So our little (big) guy turned one. It has been a few weeks, but we were out of town for the big day and we just had his 1 year appointment today. So the stats are in...

25lbs 12oz = 75% (and he has the thighs to prove it)

This guy has been cracking me up so much lately, and life would be so dull without him. Some current notables are...

-he still shows enthusiasm with his arms (a jumping rope kind of arm movement)
-above enthusiasm exhibited every morning when his banana is presented
-he can down a stick of string cheese in 10 sec
-he leans into my face so that I will kiss his cheek
-he smacks his lips when he sees something he would like in his mouth
-he shakes his head "no" with a huge grin on his face (even when he doesn't really mean "no")
-he is taking his crawling very seriously now and doesn't have time to try and walk or stand when I try to encourage it anymore, but (on his own time) he reassures me by letting go of the couch or my leg and stands for 5-10 secs just to let me know he can do it.
-currently his favorite pasttimes are pulling books off the bookshelf and opening and closing anything (doors, books, cupboards, dishwasher, etc)


the youngs said...

Yes! I have anxiously been awaiting this post. Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you!! Give that little man a big squeeze from the Youngs!

Morgan Moore said...

He is such a cutie pie, Kimber. I hope he's sleeping like a baby right now : )

So fun to spend the day with you!


Karolyn said...

He is darling. Congratulations on one year. I can't believe he's already that old.

david said...

i'm glad that abe was so enthusiastic about his cake.

i think i'm going to start calling abe, "father abraham" because of the camp song. do you guys call him that already?

The Sams said...

Happy birthday, Abe! What a cute little boy. I love, love, love his little smile!