Friday, May 21, 2010

Somebody's finally....

Crawling! I know, not exactly an overachiever, but I think he wanted to get it in there before he turned 11 months. He has concentrated so much on his eating skills (and standing splits-see photo) that movements took a back seat for this little guy. For a while now, he would only crawl backwards and in circles. He can now officially go forwards. This is a good thing, because I have been starting to think that maybe he was getting too fat, so now that he is crawling we've got him on a strict exercise routine. Obviously I'm just kidding, but maybe with a little more moves he can burn off a few of those bananas he's been pounding.

Of note is his signature move (not yet caught on camera) as he transitions from hands and knees to sitting. He does it very deliberately with one leg outstretched and the same arm off the ground, it looks very technical. Chad calls it the Apollo Ono. If you can image how he looks taking a corner while speed skating---that is pretty much Abe's pose. He needs a little more training to get up to Apollo's speed, but he's working on it.

He thinks its fun to just sit up and hang out during nap time. Today he was having so much fun he fell asleep that way.
Standing splits-still hasn't totally figured out how to recover from it.
the closest we've come to catching his signature move