Wednesday, March 6, 2013

my 3 cute boys

Sage came to visit and she took a bunch of great pictures of the boys.  I'm so happy to have these pictures and a best friend with such skills.  None of these are even edited yet!

Valentines in Sequoia National Park

I took a trip with my 4 Valentines to Sequoia.  Chad and I had gone up in February when we first moved to LA to take advantage of the quiet park and beautiful trees in the snow (along with a pretty cheap deal at the lodge) and so we decided to go again, this time +3 little ones (Chad gets the credit for planning this trip).  The boys loved the snow, and Beau continued to be a little gem of traveler.  This may be one of the last trips we take in the Volvo as we have since bought a minivan.  But everyone survived the snug ride and as seen in the first picture they were all asleep within 20 minutes of our 4 hour drive.  Too bad it only lasted an hour.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baby Beau Photo Shoot

Our neighbor is a great photographer and got some great shots of Beau.  He has proved to be handsome just like his name promised.  Photos by She has some of Beau on her website also.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Beau Watson Nelson

Well, almost a month and I'm finally getting an announcement up on the blog.  We love our new little guy.  He is pretty great.  The boys love him and as they get more and more comfortable with him they are less and less gentle with him.  My full time job is protecting him from his brothers.  We can already see how the 3 of these guys are going to be great friends.

He was born January 8th at 1:12pm.