Thursday, January 20, 2011

Making a comeback

So far 2011 hasn't been that good to us. The flu hit me hard and I've been sick the entire year so far, and Abe and Chad have also had their turn with various infirmities. Now that we are all coming out of it, things are looking up. Abe and I have had some fun outings and even went for a swim the other day (it was 75 degrees!).
Here are some other things we have been up to...

Phone-camera self portrait on a super nice day at Cloverfield park

Abe is back in the kitchen (and so am I)
Chad and Abe celebrated MLK day with a bike ride in the mountains.
Lots of snuggling. The next best thing to eating cookies is reading about them.
Abe looking stylish before church (we were even all well enough to make it to all 3 hours finally)

With his ear infections just about cleared, he is feeling back up to lots of games. He has become quite the jokester these days. I've got a bad feeling about the food in the ear trick though.

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T Sorber said...

Very cute. I especially liked the bean in the ear. I guess it's either there or up the nose. I made an emergency trip into a grocery store for tweezers once to get a raisin out of one of my kid's nasal passage. I'm just glad it was a purple raisin and not a golden one so I could actually see the darn thing way up there.