Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas in Portland

There were a lot of yucky stomach bugs going around during this trip, so we didn't get to spend as much time with everyone together as usual, but we had a good time.
(Abe with Cade and Cole while I was sick)

On our first full day in Portland we went to Burgerville to show Abe what real burger is like. This was the first time we had ever bought him his own burger, but he did not look like a rookie. It's always nice to wash it down with a chocolate peppermint shake too.


We probably could have stopped at the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup from the stocking and he would have been happy. It also went quite well with his banana!

Abe had an abundant Christmas with a train, books, a talking dog, and a ukulele. He really got the hang of opening presents and started showing interest in helping everyone else out.

Dining at Virginia Inn. Abe and Hatton acted like such big boys!

At Pike Street Market with Heidi and Hatton.
Swinging in the freezing cold at Green Lake with new buddy Burl, just before a delicious dinner with some of Chad's old friends he grew up with.


Abe met up with his buddy Jack and had band practice while Azla and I got to catch up. Jack showed Abe the ropes on his new drums, and I think Abe might be a natural. . .Not to brag or anything (you can see it in the way his eyes roll back in above picture-he is a slave to the music).

Our farewell breakfast of abelskeivers. Abe tried to sample each one before serving.


the youngs said...

Jealous for the following reasons:
1) Burgerville shakes
2) Burgerville Burgers
3) Seeing Heidi and Hatton
4) Rocking out with Abe
5) Abelskievers

Jen I said...

Yeah, I think Abe could give the twins a run for their money with his eating habits. And his thighs.... :)

Kari said...

Love 'em all. Dylan and I had an especially good laugh at Abe the burger monster. So cute!!!

~Beth D. said...

i'm so excited that you have a pic of that train! I have all the parts but could not get it back together!!!