Thursday, January 3, 2013

6 months in review

So I haven't exactly been keeping up with this blog for a while.  Since 2012 just ended and I'm about to add another baby into our already crazy life, I thought I'd throw out a few highlights from the last 6 months for anyone who might actually check this blog every once in a blue moon.  Hopefully I can be a little better at keeping this up in 2013 (no promises).

 We went to Bear Lake in July with all the Watsons.

 I took the boys camping for my birthday up in Big Sur.

River just kept getting cuter and cuter

Halloween was a hit for the pirate and his parrot.

 Abe started swimming lessons

The boys just kept getting cuter in November.  

We spent Christmas with the Nelsons.  Abe reluctantly played Joseph in the nativity.  River caught onto the joys of Christmas easily and Abe is riding a bike!

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rob and tal thompson said...

yes!!!i do check your blog and have been waiting to see your darling family!!they are so freakin cute. and i love that you took your boys camping on your b-day!super fun phots!miss ya tons.
can't wait for the new baba