Saturday, April 7, 2012

where to start

I'm officially majorly behind on blogging and now I don't know what I should even post. So here will be a random assortment of pictures to catch people up with the little men over the last few months.

We have been at the pool quite a bit this year already.

River and I took a quick trip to Colorado to see Sage and meet miss Mia. River loved them both!

While I was in Colorado, Chad took Abe up to his parents house and then we flew in and met them there. (above- River with great grandpa, River with grandma, Abe in the canoe with grandpa, Abe with Ryan)

We found a great deal on an amazing hotel in San Diego so we took a Valentine's trip there. We spent the whole time in the pool and hot tub. Our boys better not get used to that. Abe looks a little too comfortable.

We had a friend trip with BYU friends (Dan & Sunny count as friends and family) to San Clemente in February. Abe learned how to get ice cream out of the freezer all by himself. He did get some help finding a spoon though. He developed his love of basketball with the pool hoop. River shared some laughs with Sunny.

I also braved a plane ride with the boys by myself. The boys had fun with nana and papa and cousins in Portland. (I think I have a bunch of pics on a different camera somewhere)

Dane and Lean are moving to San Diego!

The boys have been playing together a lot more lately and it is usually pretty cute. Abe is still figuring out what is too rough sometimes.

River's favorite food is skillet lasagna

Kecia and family came by to say hi on their way to Disneyland. River gave Cade a warm welcome.

Chad had a birthday. I think Abe was happy about that.


MJ said...

Chad is looking way too much like Bill these days. Or maybe it's the other way around and Bill is looking more like Chad?!!? Either way....I think we're both pretty lucky to have handsome mountain men as our husbands!! :)-

Chiara said...

Whoops....guess Madden didn't log out of his gmail. How depressing that I have to deal with that already!!

deb said...

Hey, sometimes you've just got to jump right in and I'm glad you did. It's fun to read about your little fam.

JL said...

Hey Kimber.. just came across your blog somehow. I think I knew you many moons ago at BYU... Jeremy Lyman

JL said...
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