Friday, January 6, 2012

Feliz Navidad

We drove down south of the border for Christmas this year and it was great! It was a really quick drive and we had a quiet place on the beach for super cheap. We didn't even get robbed, mugged, or carjacked like everyone was warning us about before we left. We are kicking ourselves for not having taken more trips down there in the past.

Unfortunately we had to leave the christmas tree behind....
But we got a pretty nice view instead.

This is called "La Bufadora." It is a pretty impressive blowhole about 15 mins from where we stayed.

These boys are easily pleased.
Hot wheels (and Koko the train) all lined up to watch us eat christmas breakfast burritos.
Giving the hot wheels a view of the ocean.
Abe playing on the beach with no pants while Chad reads on the deck.


Jen I said...

Aw, that little baby is so handsome! You guys are so good about going places! And you're so fearless about doing it with kids! I want you to come live in Miami for a month just so I can see what you would do down here on all your adventures and then I would copy them.

The Writer said...

looks gorgeous...but come on did you bring back any drugs? my dealer was supposed to find you.

deb said...

Looks like a great trip, glad you guys had fun. Those boys are so cute. It looks like the hot wheels have become a part of the family-- I'm sure we'll learn to love them too.

PS why are we talking about adventures in Santa Paula... we should be talking about Mexico!

Brian and Marnae Powell Family said...

Kimber, I know! I have always thought that River and Jace look alike. Funny that you would say that. Love the blog, always fun to see what cool things you guys are up to...tell me when you come to Ptown again and maybe I will plan accordingly so we can get together.