Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mambas please!

Does anyone know where I can find Mambas? I've been craving them and looking for them since the beginning of my third trimester of pregnancy and I've looked everywhere (every gas station, grocery store and target). If you see them please let me know where! I'm dying here and starburst are not cutting it.


Cooper Family said...

I haven't seen them in any stores but you can buy them online.

Bonnie said...

OH! I LOVE Mambas! Have you tried Rite Aid/CVS/WAlgreens. I used to get them at Rite aid when I was in high school I am sure they still have it. Or you should try the asian market on sawtelle just north of the sushi place across from tofuya. I dont know the name of it though. They have HiChews. Have you ever had those? Ill have t bring some over. What is your favorite flavor?