Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catching up with Abe and River

Not enough of this (above)

Aunt Kari came and rocked Abe's world by introducing the word "treat" to his vocabulary.

Smiling has started (though probably not very intentional)

Since Abe has to share attention now, he likes to get in everyone's face to make sure they know he is there.

No need for words on this one.

River has been exploring his goals and aspirations already.
Lots of love.

All the grandparents have come to spoil the boys....


Brian and Marnae Powell Family said...

I love all these pictures. Your life is much like mine! Can't believe our boys are just days apart. They will be going thru the same stages--so fun. He is so cute and so is Abe. And so are you, and your mom and your dad. Glad they were able to come see him!

Lindsey Anderson said...

So cute. Your boys are so so sweet. Enjoy every minute of these stages, because they grow up too fast!!