Monday, July 11, 2011

4th of July

This year was a surprisingly nice 4th of July. We usually like to get out of town but with a baby 1 week old we stayed pretty close to home. We went for a drive in the mountains - a little barfing from Abe in the car didn't get us down. We went for a walk to some falls and threw rocks into water and dipped our heads and feet.

In the evening we had dinner in Culver City and we let Abe bring his little car to drive around before we watched fireworks from the Baldwin Hills.


natalie said...

hey wonder woman who just had natural child birth and is now on a hike 1 week postpartum. river is amazing and i love his name. i also loved your birth story commentary. woowoo- thats awesome. cutest little men i know!

Barbosas said...

Hey I admire your courage!!! Congratulations!! But hey, I thought You've said you were having a girl!!!
You look awesome before and after giving birth! Miss you

Chiara said...

hahaha - I "guided" them nicely to much better looking sweatshirts this year! But don't you worry....I'm saving the bear and wolf sweatshirts for your boys to wear in a few years. They'll fit them perfectly at the same time!! You can thank me later. XOXO!

Chiara said...

ps - give me your baby!!! I need a snuggle!