Friday, April 22, 2011

Egg Hunting

Hunt #1

Abe really enjoyed decorating cookies after our first hunt (if you can't tell)

Hunt #2

I didn't realize that easter egg hunts would be so fun with Abe this year. Thanks to other moms for planning and hosting the hunts, Abe has made quite a easter candy haul. Today, Abe found 9 eggs before one dropped, opened up and he realized there was candy inside. He couldn't go look for any more until all those jellybeans were inside his belly.


Brian and Marnae Powell Family said...

Abe's hair is so white! Not just blonde, white. Well, welcome to the boy club, try picking out a FOURTH name! It has been the hardest for us so far. Congratulations! So fun! Boys are great, especially brothers that are close like yours will be. My kids love it.

Kay said...

So nice that you could be outside. What a sweetheart. Can't wait for the bow-tie pictures.

T Sorber said...

The curls, the blond hair, the big eyes. Killing me Abe, just killing me.