Friday, April 23, 2010

Our excited guy

video video
morning jumping jacks


the youngs said...

Why is your kid so sad all of the time...he never smiles or giggles or gets excited! ;) Love that little dude!!

Sage Pierce said...

Seriously can't stop laughing. Abe, you kill me. I want to see you NOW. Chad and Kimber, you guys are so lucky to have such an amazingly-awesome always happy dude. Miss him!

Cooper Family said...

Love both of the videos. His morning jumping jacks are so funny! What a happy boy!

Karen said...

kimber! i found your blog from jen's... how fun to see what you guys are up to. your little boy is precious :o) i would love to catch up sometime... it has been SO long since our fugal days!!!
love, karen
jerandkare at gmail dot com

Brian and Marnae Powell Family said...

I love love love looking at your blog....he is so cute! So fun that you and Sage got together! I miss you both!