Friday, January 8, 2010

More from our Christmas in St. John

Sela, Sunny, and Dan

Abe found every chance he could to go shirtless

Hike out to the beach
Swinging with uncle Dan
Dress rehearsal for the real family picture
Lunch on the porch...not a bad view
Picnicking at the sugar plantation ruins
Abe's Christmas suit from Dan & Sunny

The ferry from St. Thomas to St. John

Juicing on Christmas morning

Lots of hot tub time
Our bathing beauty
Chad snorkeling to find his wedding ring (wearing rain coat for jelly fish protection)
Grandma and Grandpa, thanks for the trip!


Jen I said...

Those pictures are amazing. Love the last few - so pretty. Ok, so it kind of looks like my life, except not right out my door - and there are mountains! That makes it really pretty.

Sage Pierce said...

OH.MY.GOSH.I seriously have a lump in my throat b/c I love Mr Abe so much. I want to see him and squeeze his cheeks. :) I loved all of your pictures-that looked like such a great trip! How beautiful!!!! We miss you guys SO much!

T Sorber said...

how magical. you have such a beautiful family. did chad find the ring? I love you and miss you

SunD said...

oops, should have looked at your post before doing mine...

Azla said...

Hey Kimber? How many pages into that book did you get?

You're not fooling anyone!!!!

And Chad, you are the cutest husband ever. Don't worry about losing the ring. It's not the ring that matters - it's the fact that you wanted to grow old with it that does.

Miss you both!

The Sams said...

Holy cow! Where did you find this place? It looks gorgeous! Love the cute little family pictures at the end! Abe is so adorable!

The Chandler Family said...

You look so fancy and decked out for the family pictures, and the vacation looks so great. Aber is soo cute!

ashley said...

I loved seeing these again. Abe is a total sun worshiper. Good thing he lives in L.A.

Barbosas said...

What a nice trip Kimber!! I love the pics and specially the views!!!

familia Bybaran said...

Awesome pictures! It looks like you had such a great time. You guys look great tan.

vinestreet said...

I love the pictures. You guys are adorable (including Chad). Abe is growing up way too fast. Don't give up on the veggies. Ever.