Saturday, December 12, 2009

Exponential Suprises

One of the biggest shockers of getting married was the amount of laundry that could accumulate for two people versus one. No one dishing out marriage advice had prepared me for this change. When I had a baby I got a lot of warnings about how I would never sleep again, and various other changes a baby would bring to my life... but, again, no one said anything about the laundry.


Mike said...

I love laundry, my husband is actually doing it right now. You figured out the header, looks cute! K

Chiara said...

hahah - okay, if you are feeling jipped in the advice catagory....let me just give you some right now. Don't have four kids. Plain and simple!! ;)-

ashley said...

That's why David and I had a "junk room" where we would pile our clean laundry on the bed... It would stay in there until half the things had been picked out and worn. Then we would power through and fold the rest. So much laundry.