Friday, September 18, 2009

Kecia & London

My sister Kecia and niece London came to LA to pay Abe a visit. It was perfect timing because Chad was gone backpacking, so London and Kecia took care of us while he was gone. We hit the town, with several celebrity sightings (Kecia has an eagle eye), a trip to the beach, lots of eatings and of course we did our part to stimulate the economy. Abe was exhausted when they left. He has been sleeping great ever since. Thanks for coming out!


Rica said...

I'm jealous that I still haven't met Abe! Maybe I'll have to take a roadtrip down sometime. Love the pictures!

The Chandler Family said...

I love the picture of London and Abe! Thanks for being our tour guides. We love baby Abey!

Brian and Marnae Powell Family said...

You probably doon't know how often I check your blog! I love to see the pictures of little Abe and see how fast he is changing. SO cute. Love, Marnae